Client: Friends of Shanta Bhawan Nepal
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Friends of Shanta Bhawan, Nepal, Jorpati is a non-profitable and non-governmental medical center founded in 1983 with the vigorous effort of an American medical doctor named Dick Matron.
The center with the objective to provide high quality care medical services started in the year 1984 in a small town of Jorpati, north-east Kathmandu valley with limited numbers of surgical interventions which were carried out with the help of Nepalese doctors and foreign doctors who were then available on a very limited basis in Kathmandu.
The clinic is registered as Friends of ShantaBhawan, Nepal, in Nepal   Government’s Office with the Register No. 111/2047 and is also regito stered in the Social Welfare Council (a government’s autonomous body to run the non-governmental activities) with the register No. 282/1990. This clinic has a very prestigious image in the northern east area of Kathmandu Valley and has been a pioneer in helping the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized population.