Client: Hello Himalayan homes
Skill: HTML5, CSS3, Php

Hello Himalayan Homes (HHH), is the group of young like-minded local Sherpas from Khumbu valley of Nepal founded in 2012, with the aim of providing full travel service specializing in Group and Independent vacations. we have put together our efforts to introduce Khumbu valley to the rest of the world.

HHH will at all times strive to give the most professional, unbiased, comprehensive travel advice we can, and offer the most cost effective travel arrangements available. And also advertise the business of Khumbu valley all over the world.
Many travelers from all around the world have visited and left their foot prints in Khumbu valley. During their visits, We have heard most of the free individual trekkers (FIT) talking about the difficulties in finding accommodation around the Khumbu region, mostly in the high season. Being youth from the same region, we felt it as being our responsibility too, to solve their problems. Then we started thinking too much, “what would be the solution?”.

After discussing the matter with the local youth of different place, we decided to make the information on hotels and lodges easily available to the visitors around the region. We started travelling all over the Khumbu Valley to collect the detailed information and contact numbers of all the lodges and Hotels, as far as possible. We established good relationship with all of them. Then we had a bunch of data in our record, which we could easily use for publication in any medium. Finally, we decided to publish it firstly in the print media, a magazine, Directory of Khumbu Himalayan Homes. Which is you can see each and every lodge and hotels of Khumbu as well as in our website.