Client: H.H. Tsepri Lopan Rinpoche
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Gyal Gyi Shri alias Tsepri Lopan Tulku Ngawang Chokdup rinpoche is the immediate reincarnation of Lopon Lobsang Soepa Rinpoche, who was the 4th seat-holder of Lopan Monastery. Tulku Ngawang Chokdup Rinpoche was born in 1983 in a village called Choo Druk that lies near the sacred site Gyal Gyi Shiri. His father’s name is Tenzin Gonpo and mother Dolma Yangkyi. There are many incidences of his family overwhelmed with obstacles and difficulties. Lopan Tulku Ngawang Chokdup Rinpoche lived at his home untill he was seven years, he was an extraordinary child who in his childhood plays, imitate meditation & reciting prayers.