You’ve probably heard the phrase “SEO” but maybe you don’t know what it means, what it does or why you need it. You probably already know what a search engine is. For those that don’t, it’s a tool people use to help them find what they’re looking for on the Internet if they don’t have a direct link to type into their browser’s address bar.

You can compare a search engine to a dictionary or a set of encyclopedias. Just as you would look in the dictionary for a word or the index of an encyclopedia, the use of a search engine provides you the opportunity to type in what is known as key words or key phrases pertaining to your topic which then produces a list of results to you so that you may further investigate the results. An example of a key phrase might be “website design.” To further narrow your search you might use “web design wisconsin” for instance.

Another way to think of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that it is a process of steps applied to your web site to assist in achieving good search engine ranking and positive indexing results. Proper search engine optimization helps your web site to be found on the Internet, but even the most reputable SEO companies will not give you any guarantees. Why? Because they know better!

It’s important to remember that no matter which search engine your visitors may use – ideal placement is within the first three pages of results, and of course first place is everyone’s priority. Google’s bots alone travel through billions of web sites every day. Your site is just one of those billions! Being just one amongst billions should give you some good common sense insight as to why good search engine optimization is so important and to why getting found isn’t just a matter of putting up a web site expecting it will be found automatically.

It’s a fact that most Internet surfers will view just the first two to three pages of results when researching their topic before moving on to another search engine or on to investigating the results they’ve just found. Even though there is never a guarantee of top placement, you would preferably want to be found on that first page of results and high up within those results. Competition is tough and the cold hard fact is that there is only one web site that can have #1 placement for any given topic. Rankings fluctuate as well, which means the guy who was #1 yesterday may not be #1 today. This should tell you that although #1 is great and something to be super-proud of, don’t expect in any way that if you get there, you’ll stay there.

It’s a constant struggle and a time consuming process to get good placement. Neither Karma Tech Solutions nor you have control over which search engine any person will use. The lesson here … you want to be easily found no matter which search engine is being used and Karma Tech Solutions has the best team for boost up your business in online.